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7.1.2015 Update

Jul 1, 2015 4:42:33 PM / by Travis H

Check out kintone's July updates.


Added Features
  • Cancelation feature was added to:
    • Exporting records as a file
    • Importing files
  • Now displays progress of file export
  • Speed of file record exports increased
  • Added the ability to copy into lookup fields with the action feature
UI Feature Changes
  • Preview Screen for Apps will now display the new UI
  • If a thread that includes an app is about to be deleted, a warning will pop up to state that the app in the thread will be deleted
  • Elements, spacing, and colors have been adjusted
Specifications Changes


  • Date and time added for last update to application within settings
  • Progress bar added for applying changes within application

Process Management

  • When multiple assignees are listed to take action, if that assignee takes action but the stage has not been fully approved, it clears from the users assigned to me list
  • Labels on the action buttons for process management have changed
    • Before: Proceed Status
    • After: Confirm
  • The updated record time will be updated when the following is done:
    • When a user advances a status
    • When the assignee has been updated


  • When a field that exists inside a table has been selected as the key word, each row of the table will be searched


  • Localized name of applications in the language of the user’s language settings are also included in the search result
  • Bodies of spaces and space thread names are now included in the search result(For customers that are using kintone before 7/12/2015, this feature will be added after the September update)
  • If there are more than 20 results for the following searches, the results will show more than 20 results:
    • Spaces
    • Apps
    • Users
Bug Fixes


  • The URL for attachment files changed every time users logged in


  • “Calculated” appeared for some fields where the calculated option was turned off
  • Some parts of image files inside related records were not shown
  • Some operations timed out and failed when the changes were applied to the apps settings
  • Double-byte characters did not line break for single-line text fields inside related records


  • Lookup fields could not retrieve values from fields where the calculation formula was hidden


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