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What Toyota's Open Office Experiment Can Teach Us About Productivity and Virtual Collaboration

By Yu Tanabe |   May 31, 2016 1:48:22 PM

Collaboration, engagement, knowledge management, teamwork. You may be fed up with these terms. As a busy professional, you might feel the constant sharing of information with your colleagues isn’t the best use of your time and only holds you back from getting work done.

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Time Saver 101: Stop Digging For Information You Need To Do Your Job

By Jana Berman |   Apr 22, 2016 2:35:43 PM

Ever wonder where a project stands only to find yourself digging incessantly to find the answers? 

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Time-Saving Feature You Never Knew Existed

By Travis Hill |   Apr 8, 2016 1:36:53 PM


If you love efficiency like I do, you also love keyboard shortcuts and hate having to use the computer mouse.

What many people don't know about kintone is that there is a magical, dynamic, and powerful guide for kintone's shortcuts tucked just a moment away. Read more to find out for yourself.

Want more efficiency tips? Check out these resources from the kintone blog:

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Boost Productivity, Create Company-Wide Efficiency With Citizen Developers

By Nicole Jones |   Apr 4, 2016 10:06:35 AM

No-coding business application platforms are designed to solve company-wide challenges and enable large organizations to move with agility.

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Why Projects Fail: Lack of Accountability

By Travis H |   Feb 28, 2016 4:10:06 PM

This is part of an ongoing series about overcoming common reasons behind project failure.

In the field of Internal Audit, lack of accountability over particular processes is an immediate red flag auditors are quick to point out. No company wants to deal with unnecessary high risk that eats away at precious resources. Accountability starts with clearly defining project objectives and ensuring team members know who is responsible for what. But as scope and roles change, it becomes even more crucial to address accountability early and throughout a project.

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Google Exec Shares 4 Brilliant Tips For Organizing Your Work Week

By Nicole Jones |   Dec 28, 2015 9:04:56 AM

Think there are never enough hours in the work day to get everything done? Then it's time to start examining the way you manage, well, time.

In an internal email turned viral post, head of product marketing at Google Apps for Work Jeremiah Dillon, sent his team several tips for making the most of a work day. Here are the four takeaways you can start using right away:

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Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Workflow Automation

By Nicole Jones |   Dec 11, 2015 3:49:05 PM

As a business leader, how many times do you find yourself wondering:

"If we could get smaller tasks done, we could focus on bigger issues," or "If only my team could find the info they need instantly and on their own to complete tasks."

Your team is only as efficient as its workflow. That's why you're always evaluating new ways to stay competitive, reduce errors, increase speed and cutback costs. Teamwork is big on your list and you know what your company is capable of achieving. But after a performing a gap analysis, you can spot where those efforts fall flat. Almost always, the problem lies in automation, or lack there of.

More and more businesses are automating their workflow for all kinds processes, ranging from construction to retail. A survey by Gartner Executive Programs of over a 1,000 COO’s found that among their top business priority was business process improvement with business process automation listed as a key objective.

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Why It's Time To Ditch Excel Spreadsheets For Business Apps

By Nicole Jones |   Dec 9, 2015 4:33:23 PM

Cloud-based apps are transforming business as traditional tools like Excel spreadsheets go the way of the dial-up modem.

And for good reason. Sharing desktop spreadsheets back and forth over email is not only inefficient, but it prevents you from seeing the bigger picture and could lead to serious errors.

That's why more and more organizations are replacing cumbersome spreadsheets with software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to empower inventory, accounting, human resources and project management teams to do their best work with powerful collaborative and mobile tools at their fingertips.

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6 Easy Ways To Spend Less Time In Your Email

By Nicole Jones |   Dec 3, 2015 11:23:07 AM

Ever feel like it's hard to get anything done at work when you're spending so much time reading and writing emails? You're not alone.

Adobe Systems reported that U.S. workers spend about six hours a day, or around 30 hours during the work week, checking their inbox. The result is email fatigue which studies have shown impacts our productivity and stress levels.

So stop wasting time and start using these 6 tips for getting off your email and back to valuable work.

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