The Kintone Store is Kintone's payment and account management portal. Inside the store you can change your domain name, set up site security, purchase Kintone, and view your billing history.

To access Kintone Store, please visit If you do not have access to this, it means you were not the initial creator of the subdomain and were not added as an Account Administrator in after it was created. If you do not have access and you believe you should, please reset your Kintone Store password with you email address or visit How to Add or Change a Kintone Store User.

What is the difference between my Kintone subdomain and my Kintone Store account?

Your Kintone subdomain is where you will access and manage your business apps. The Kintone Store is where you can further manage your Kintone subdomain and your account.

Watch the video below to learn more about the different features within Kintone Store.


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