The revolution is here: companies are making the move to digital workplaces. The challenge, for those just beginning to those at the forefront, is to make the shift seamlessly & profitably.

The Digital Workplace Experience Conference addresses that challenge with thought provoking ideas, solutions, and best practices for the digital workplace of today and beyond. 

This first of its kind event was conceived by two pioneers in the industry: Brice Dunwoodie, president of Simpler Media Group, publisher of CMSWire, and Paul Miller of Digital Workplace Group: a strategic partner for best-in-class digital workplaces.

For over ten years, CMSWire has covered the evolution of the digital workspace, providing insight and advice as companies navigate this newest work paradigm. Miller has spent 15 years as CEO at DWG amassing and applying expert research, measurement and peer learning. They envisioned The Digital Workplace Experience Conference as a unique gathering place to exchange ideas, best practices, new research, and offer premium networking opportunities. 

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Held in Chicago June 19 to 21, DWEXP17 promises to disrupt the way you think about the workplace. Whether your company is fully remote, partially digital, or looking for ways to incorporate the digital nomad trend, this is where you need to be. For three days, thought leaders, digital workplace experts, and the newest technology to release companies from the limits of a constrained workplace converge to capitalize on this new paradigm.

The agenda for the conference is ambitious: workshops, networking opportunities, keynote speakers, live tours of digital workspaces, breakout sessions, and more, for every level of digital practitioner. With speakers from Adobe, Microsoft, General Electric and many others, you’ll learn how thought leaders are integrating the digital transformation to their companies, and how you can for yours.  With thought-provoking sessions for every level, here are some Must-Attends:  

1. Reimagine the Way Work Gets Done

Michelle Caldwell of Avanade’s interactive workshop will discuss the benefits reaped by digital workplaces: increased productivity and revenue, new approaches that drive innovation, and more. You’ll learn how to take your first steps into the future of collaboration, delve into key trends and capabilities, and how these will affect the future of work performance.  

2. The Right Way to Select Digital Workplace Technology

Presented by Tony Byrne of Real Story Group, this session examines the technology decisions you’ll need to incorporate as you transition to an employee-centric digital work environment. You’ll learn an adaptive methodology for making effective strategic and technology decisions as well as the pros and cons of a variety of vendors, architectures, and design patterns to help plan the transition.

3. Leverage Digital Innovations to Overcome Development Challenges

Margot Brown of The World Bank will examine what’s working and what isn’t in the world of digital workplaces. Learn about the best body of accessible knowledge, how platforms are being developed to address future needs, and how to work collaboratively without boundaries to make real impact on the ground. 

4. The Employee Experience Technology Landscape

Tony Byrne of Real Story Group will take you on a tour of the “EmpEx” technology landscape. Here you’ll discover how technology must expand as you transition from collaboration spaces and intranets, with a focus on effective employee experiences, as well as how the different solutions fit together as part of a broader, digital workplace whole.

5. Engaging Five Generations in the Modern Workplace - the Inside Track from IKEA

For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side in the modern workplace with varying work styles, behaviors and interactions. IKEA is made up of a diverse group of people who share the humanistic and foundational values that create the unique IKEA culture of team spirit and togetherness. The workshop will explore how the IKEA values are the baseline for establishing and identifying the challenges in creating a multi-generation workforce.

6. Digital Workplace of the Year Awards with Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Kintone

The Digital Workplace of the Year Awards are produced by the Digital Workplace Group and Simpler Media Group, publisher of CMSWire to award organizations and practitioners who have excelled in creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments. Join Kintone, the leading low-code digital and collaboration workspace, for a cocktail reception beforehand!

7. 10 Things You Need to Know to Create the Digital Workplace

Jeff Willinger of Rightpoint explains that email is not going away, but in the next five years the way it’s used will change dramatically. His live demo workshop includes a real world digital roadmap and the incentive to enhance your internal communications team. You’ll learn the top 10 things to do today that will change your organization for the future.

The workplace has broken loose of the constraints of physical boundaries. Employee calls for digital work alternatives continue to increase: the competitive marketplace demands top talent from beyond a 50 mile commute radius. The digital revolution that once changed the way we work is now changing where we work. Together with Kintone, DW Experience will show you how to capitalize on this new paradigm in more ways than you’ve ever considered. Don’t miss this game-changing event.  

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