The rapid proliferation of enterprise cloud computing is empowering lines of businesses to produce their best work with lightning speed access to data, analytics, information and processes from desktop to mobile. And things are only heating up.

On Tuesday, a Cisco market analysis concluded that 83 percent of all data center traffic will be based in the cloud in the next three years. Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is part of this torrid rise giving developers and their end users an IT governed environment for building, deploying and maintaining custom enterprise applications on one single platform

But what are enterprise apps? And how are they different from mobile apps? Let's have a look:

What is an enterprise app?

An enterprise app is a tool designed to perform a specific process within your company. Historically, companies have used expensive software to perform tasks and processes, but innovation in the security and functionality of cloud application platforms have left clunky software and pinpoint solutions in the dust. Now when users need to deploy a business process or build an online database, he or she can easily build and deploy a powerful and secure enterprise app in a few hours without needing to know how to code and without spending time and resources allocating the company's IT team. 

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What is the difference between an enterprise app and a mobile app?

Enterprise apps and mobile apps are a little different, but generally only in the sense that mobile apps are often for consumers, while enterprise apps are for companies and employees. You can even view your company's enterprise apps on your phone by accessing them from a secure mobile container or via mobile web. In the same way that you use the mobile app Evernote for keeping track of your personal notes and the Facebook mobile app for staying connected, you can use an enterprise app for something simple like managing IT assets or something complicated like dynamic case management. The bottom line is: If you like the power and convenience of using specific apps on your phone, you'll love using enterprise apps for your business. 

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Are enterprise apps just for large companies?

Enterprise apps are not just for large companies and you definitely don't need to be an enterprise to benefit from an enterprise application platform. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses can sometimes benefit even more because of how resource-constrained those companies can be on the IT and development side. Smaller companies need speed to compete and the agility of enterprise apps allows them to move just as fast as the big guys if not faster and puts the power of cloud applications into the hands of regular business people.

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