Once seen as a threat by IT, no-code/low-code (NCLC) tools are helping to reduce project backlogs, free up developers to work on other assignments and drive digital transformation. 

In a recent TechTarget podcast, Kintone COO Dave Landa discusses this shift in attitude.

"We have seen IT departments at the enterprise level looking at no-code/low-code as a platform to support their continued relevance in the organization, to combat some of the 'shadow IT' that might be going on," Landa says.

NCLC app development tools these days ensure IT can maintain government with security requirements such as two-factor authentication, data-at-rest encryption and permissions control. "It's a way to bring IT and line-of-business [departments] together," he says.

With no-code/low-code development tools, departments can not only develop and deploy on their own schedules and budgets, but also build tailored functionality. This frees up developers to focus on more challenging projects while CIOs can build trusted relationships needed to accelerate decision-making and drive digital to the core of their enterprise.

Read the full article and listen to the podcast on Tech Target.

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