Technology continues to make itself more accessible, and business software is no exception. Once the domain of IT departments, business applications are now available to people with low to no coding capabilities. Through low-code/no-code platforms (LCNC), businesses can build safe, secure applications that automate their workflow the way they need it.

Traditional software development methods are slow, costly, and designed only in part for the end user. The result is a complex piece of software that works but has limitations. The custom design addresses most of the business user’s needs, but where it fails it offers no flexible alternative or workaround. The software design is baked in and cannot be redesigned for new processes without going through a secondary development phase.

By contrast, LCNC platforms are quick to set up, cost much less, and are designed specifically for the end user. Rather than try and predict what the end user will do (and build the platform around that), LCNC platforms gives the user the freedom create their own platform—one that meets their specific business needs.

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Some of the biggest advantages of LCNC platforms include:

Customizability. LCNC platforms are easy to set up and build to a user’s specific customizations. Users can create a business application from scratch or use templates to create common apps (such as request forms or alerts).

Ease of Use. Built for business people, LCNC platforms allow users to create business applications without touching a line of code. Even better, the platform allows users to update and refine business applications as needed as their workflow changes over time.

Quick Deployment. Users can build applications in a matter of minutes; no more waiting for IT departments or third-party vendors to hand-code new software that takes months to roll out.

Cheaper to Implement. Change is baked into the system. People can update their business process by opening the platform and directly modifying applications. Additional design that needs a development team can be built quickly as an extension of the platform (rather than being coded from scratch).

LCNC platforms are a cutting-edge tool for businesses that want to business-driven IT solutions. You can learn more about how LCNC platforms are transforming businesses with our free webinar, Welcome to the Citizen Developer Revolution. Listen to Forrester Analyst John Rymer and Kintone CEO Dave Landa discuss how IT puts the business user back in control of their work through LCNC solutions. The presentation will also feature examples of companies who have successfully used LCNC solutions to automate their operations and streamline their business processes. Watch the recording of the webinar now.

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