Or Elon Musk. Or Tina Fey. Heck, even Darth Vader himself. Any of these public figures will do - it doesn’t matter if they’re fictional or not. It might sound crazy, but if you take twenty minutes and look at your project (or challenge) through their eyes, you’ll see possibilities you hadn’t noticed before.

Bryan Mattimore, president and co-founder of The Growth Engine, LLC, calls this the “Great Thinkers Method.” He says it’s a reliable tool that’s gotten the creative juices flowing during hundreds of brainstorming sessions and focus groups he’s held with CEOs of major corporations and startups alike. Described as a way to “invite great thinkers into you ideation sessions,” this exercise involves members of the think tank to role play as a thought leader or fictional character and approach the dilemma from their perspective.

“You’d be surprised,” Mattison said during his workshop at the first annual Kintone Connect conference in early November. “It sounds kind of flaky, but it’s not. It gives people permission, especially introverts. Often they have really good ideas and you miss those sometimes.” 

During this 90-minute seminar called “Creating ‘A Big Idea’ Toolkit,"  Mattison shared invaluable tips and tricks to generate, catch, and nurture big ideas that have helped companies reach profitable creative breakthroughs that increased their sales up to 50% in some cases.

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