Teamwork is a concept I’ve been pursuing in my career and what led me to start working as a business engineer at Kintone.

Whether I’m working at home or in the office, Kintone helps me communicate and share information seamlessly with my team across the world. I’ve become a big fan of this collaborative communication method rather than depending on email, which can become black boxes of lost reply-all messages. But what I’m attracted to Kintone the most is that we, either as an individual or team, have the power to change our own business processes instantly.

With Kintone’s no-coding required application platform, it’s very easy to make an app by yourself. You don’t have to ask an IT department to create one suitable for your team then wait weeks or months for a solution you needed yesterday.

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For example, our sales representative created an app to accelerate the sales administrative process for leads. Because she already knows what is missing in the old process, she can easily identify what should exist in the new process. With no coding experience, she was able to quickly create and change the app when needed.

An added benefit: there’s no need for the app to be perfectly polished the moment it’s deployed since we can make changes and enhancements as we go along. Thanks to her app, we’ve been able to handle a higher volume of sales leads with ease.

With Kintone, your team can create a tailor-made application for any business process challenge. With that kind of power, we can transform our business one Kintone application at a time. This is what I love about this platform. You can develop a solution as fast as you can come up with new ideas.

Now it’s your turn. What will you build?

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