Technology changes. Why shouldn’t the way companies do business?

Business process redesign (BPR) is the act of overhauling an existing business process using new enterprise software as the catalyst for change. While good in its intentions, BPR can quickly become the nightmare its employees fear if not properly implemented. A common challenge in BPR is the tendency to think that total and radical transformation is required. In a company’s efforts to fix the entire system, its management team or system design consultants launch an entire overhaul without careful regard for scope or impact on the employees who must keep “business as usual.” Eventually the project becomes too complex to manage and employees suffer. The fear of change is reaffirmed, and new developments are abandoned for status quo.

Organizations usually leverage external consultants to identify and achieve business improvements. While consultants know the best practices and latest tools to further the organization’s goals, they are not a replacement for the front-line team members who have intimate knowledge of their everyday process challenges.

One way companies can execute an effective BPR is to choose software that gives employees greater control over their workflow process. This can be done with low-code/no-code business applications, which allow employees a finite amount of control over the business process development.

What are low-code/no-code platforms?

Low-code/no-code applications are “drag and drop” platforms that allow users to build forms and business process from scratch. Employees can tailor the platform to match their needs, letting them eliminate the quirks and workarounds a software with pre-defined processes and functionality might have.

Some of the biggest advantages of low-code/no-code business applications are:

  1. Can be customized for a business' specific needs
  2. Easy for non-technical users to operate
  3. Can be rapidly built and deployed by departments 
  4. Cost less to implement
  5. Can be altered as business needs change without the need for an IT department or new software development

Low-code/no-code business applications are a great solution for companies who need to redesign their business process while keeping a business up and running. While there will always be a need to update and improves business processes, the technology to do so doesn’t need to be developed separately from those who will use it.

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