Creating a seamless user experience is at the core of every Kintone product update. This most recent one is no exception. 

A basic application that used to take 175 seconds to build now only take 120 seconds. Clicks-wise, what used to take 49 clicks now take 35 clicks. To current users of Kintone, what is immediately noticeable is the reduction of required steps before activating an app.

Previously, users went through a four step process: naming the app, setting the initial appearance, editing the form, and creating a list view. Now users will be able to focus on just customizing their app with all other settings still there, but optional.

On average, 728 applications are built on Kintone every day. That number is increasing thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and built-in features, like permission rights and process management for providing preferred administrative control.

Filtered views and custom graphs and charts make the inputted data useful the moment an application is deployed. With this most recent product update, the process for app building will become even easier and quicker. The biggest and most noticeable change will be the update to a new user interface in the app building/editing page.

kintone product features app interface

In addition, the UI has been redesigned to have an even cleaner look. The ultimate goal of this update is to increase simplicity, speed, and ease of use, all while decreasing the number of clicks required.

Other product updates include:

  • Redesigned profile settings page
  • Searching for records using the app code and the record number
  • Using a date_format formula in the automatic calculation function to specify the format for the date and time in a field.
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