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With any data set, designation of access and permissions rights should be a top priority, especially when confidential business and customer information is involved. But far too often, the organization and distribution of access rights can become a deeply time-consuming task on its own when considering the multiple tasks, processes, and roles inherent in running a business or driving a project efficiently.

Some businesses attempt to manage data access controls using shared folders and spreadsheet passwords. This can work with very simple data sets that don’t often change, but in most cases it can leave users frustrated and can kill efficiency. Hunting through files, remembering nomenclature, and worrying about version control can quickly ruin data integrity while hampering productivity in the process.

The next leap up from spreadsheets is the complex database that needs to be communicated with via programming language. Although the number of team members that need the data might be great, the number of team members that can effectively access and retrieve information in the correct way can be significantly lowered.

The bottom line is that data should be useful, not a bottleneck on business. Instead of sharing spreadsheets with individual passwords or creating complex databases that can only be communicated with via programming languages, we recommend using a cloud database management service like Kintone to seamlessly incorporate user and access controls into every data set with user-based permissions settings, unique logins, and granular permissions controls.

Take advantage of these tools which simplify the task of controlling access and transform it into a straightforward feature of every data set.

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