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Automated workflow has been an overriding focus of manufacturing for decades. Marketing and sales automation has really come into vogue over the past ten years or so.


But smart businesses are now automating their workflow for all kinds business processes. In fact, a recent survey by Gartner Executive Programs of over a 1,000 COO’s found that their top business priority was business process improvement 1, of which business process automation was a key objective.


Most business processes and functions these days can be automated using software.

Here at Kintone, we’ve enabled companies to build custom business applications and automate all
sorts of business processes, including:


  • sales leads management,
  • inventory management,
  • supply chain management,
  • project management,
  • expense reports,
  • time sheets,
  • asset management,
  • fleet management,
  • training operations,
  • retail operations,


processes can be simple and done quickly for little cost relative to the cost
savings and benefits, in most cases. ROI can be almost instant. With Kintone,
the benefits can be further enhanced with our everywhere collaboration tools.

For example, Michael Callahan & Associates have experienced
an incredible 6-fold productivity increase over the course of 2 years by fully
implementing Kintone and automated workflow for their entire business process.


Customer Stories.

Automation streamlines the flow of the business, actually reduces
workloads, lowers expenses, improves information access and transfer, improves
management of supplies, services or tasks and adds to accountability and ultimately
the bottom line profits of companies.

But again many smart businesses
know all this. The difficulty sometimes comes in getting your team to adopt
automated workflow.

So, we at Kintone recently published
white paper focused on the keys to optimizing workgroup adoption of automated
workflow processes and systems. We’ve found 7 keys to success that we’d love to
share with you.

Just click
here to access this White Paper for Free

Alternatively or in addition, you’ll be able to access a recording of our recent webinar focused on Automated Workflow soon (stay tuned for details)for a more detailed demo and discussion of the topic within the Kintone environment.

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