“Too many tasks, too little time.”


This is a VERY common refrain we hear in various industries and roles. Often, the real cause of the problem is NOT overwork, or lack of skilled or motivated staff, but lack of process.


That is why so many organizations are looking for Workflow Automation. Automation is not just for manufacturing or marketing. Savvy companies understand the Business Power of Workflow Automation, whatever your Business Process may be.


Join us for our upcoming WEBINAR where we will elaborate on how to ensure the Workflow Automation solution you choose will improve your team’s productivity.


After this webinar, you will be able to:


· 7 “Must Haves” for an effective automated workflow solution

· Create Business apps in Kintone to fit your specific business needs

· Integrate Automated Workflow into Kintone’s collaboration platform


This LIVE webinar is open to everyone free of charge, but seats are limited so we encourage you to sign up now! You will have access to interact via audio and view the presentation from your computer.


Learn how Automating your Workflow within custom configured Kintone applications that precisely match your business processes can have profound benefits to your team’s productivity. For example, one business owner found, after implementing comprehensive workflow automation within Kintone, that his team was able to process as much 6 times the work volume than before.


Join us for our WEBINAR and learn how you can maximize productivity with Kintone.

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