Data is at the core of your business. You need to Get it, Use it, Analyze it, Update it and Share it…in real-time, securely, with proper access and permission controls, and in many cases with automated workflow among your team.


If you are still managing and sharing your data via email and excel spreadsheets, there’s no way you are being productive as you can be, and are leaving a lot of money on the table.


According to a McKinsey report, employees spend over 9 hours per week, on average, in unproductive searching and gathering through emails, local files, etc. for existing data. That’s more than 20% of a workweek!


Maybe the data revolves around Assets Management or Asset Requisition processes, Expense Reports or Time Sheets, Project Management or Document Management, Sales Leads pipelines or Product Development workflows, or maybe your entire business process.


And if your team is using email and spreadsheets to manage your data and processes, you know the inefficient “hell” all too well.


  • Dealing with different spreadsheets and different versions.
  • Cobbling data into challenged and lame spreadsheet charts and analytics
  • Searching through old emails for critical and most relevant data.


No doubt it’s inefficient, time-consuming, and ultimately very, very expensive.


Everyone who’s done or is doing it this way has wished or does wish the spreadsheet would spring to life and magically become universally available– like a website.






Transform Your Spreadsheets into Online Collaborative Applications

Well, now you can. You can upload your spreadsheet and convert it into a robust web-based application with Kintone.


There are several benefits:


    • Immediate Start Up: Upload your spreadsheet and convert it into an App. It takes literally seconds.


    • Central Data Repository: Everyone who has access to the application sees the same information, just like everyone who visits a website sees the same information. No email attachments, no passing out hard copies.


    • Everywhere Access and Action: Opening a spreadsheet on most mobile devices is cumbersome at best, but you can access your Kintone app through your desktop, tablet or your mobile device, not as an email attachment.


    • Easy, Instant Updates: Add new row fields, columns, users with access, data points. It’s all done easily and centrally with simple drag-and-drop tools.


    • Real-time Charts and Graphs: Centrally accessible and super-easy to customize, your charts and graphs reflecting your data change in real time as your data updates from any source. Your data easier to digest, share and understand, and as you like it.


  • Workflow: Add business process and automated workflow in a snap to move, track and audit the status of each sales lead, timesheet approval, procurement requisition approvals, product delivery, etc.


The Kintone Difference

Business success or failure is often determined in the details. That being said, let’s see what makes Kintone different:


    • Best of Breed for You: Point solution applications can be great, but often your business requirements and processes are unique to your business. Kintone gives you the opportunity to easily create and deploy multiple, customized, “best of breed for you” apps all in one platform for centralized access, communication and reporting.


    • Workspace: Although you may have many “Best of Breed for You” apps in Kintone, you can still separately define and access those apps in unique dedicated workspaces that you can share with only your relevant team members. These project or department–defined workspaces create more relevant collaborative environments and apps for your teams, so all relevant data, communications, and documents can be found and updated quickly and efficiently.


    • External collaboration: You can go beyond your team and share your workspaces with vendors, partners, anyone outside your company. Approve timesheets, review designs and manage your call center through your applications without ever leaving your workspace.


  • Workflows: Sharing is one thing. With Kintone you can assign app workflows in minutes, assigning tasks and approvers at each step to maintain control and oversight of your processes, a centralized audit trail, and related communications history.






Make Collaboration Easy

To convert a spreadsheet into an app with Kintone you just Add a new app in your workspace, select Create from Excel or CSV, and import your spreadsheet. That’s it– new App done!


Then in Settings, you can add a real-time graph or chart with a click, making your data more digestible. You can also use powerful drag-and-drop tools to create processes and workflows, add fields, and much more. Because it’s an online app, your collaborators have instant access to it– always the latest version.


You can also leverage our marketplace of more than two dozen standard business applications that come pre-integrated in the platform and ready to share with your team.


You can do all your work, or just the processes you really need, in the cloud with airtight security and no unscheduled downtime ever in one central platform.



Spreadsheets, Excel in particular, have been around for a long time because they are great tools. But they were created to solve the digital problems of a 20th century world, and they still do. Today we need them to do more– connect to other people, reflect real-time data, automate workflow, show the same data to all users, enable access controls, and be easy to use. The Kintone platform do all those things and more.


Learn more about the benefits of taking your spreadsheets to the cloud to increase business productivity– visit us or start a 30-day Free Trial today.

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