Employees broke the company-issued Blackberry model and started using their own phones and tablets around 2008, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was born. Shortly after, they started trolling the internet and app stores for alternate software tools for flexibility and communication, and ushered in BYOS (Bring Your Own Software). But even with the consumerization of IT and collaboration tools, employees are trying to assume control of their productivity and collaboration software.

Now hear this: Bring your own software to the party because the days of command-and-control infrastructures and centralized tools are over. Email hounds us like a plague, and collaboration tools are just not keeping up with the needs of a global economy.

The Kintone collaboration and productivity platform is changing all that by giving end users control over their business software, introducing the second BYOS: Build Your Own Software.

The New BYOx: Build Your Own Applications
You assume true control and meet your exact needs when you build your own applications tools. But who has time? The Kintone platform gives you the tools and the time in four important ways:

  • Build applications three different ways, all with no coding
  • Add rich features to your applications with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Build collaborative workspaces for team members and external collaborators anywhere in the world

Building Apps at Business Speed
Building new applications with Kintone is fast and easy. There are three ways to do it:

  • Add out-of-the-box applications from the Kintone Marketplace: Choose from 23 business applications like CRM, project management and recruiting applications.
  • Convert a spreadsheet: Upload an Excel spreadsheet and convert it into an online application with a single click.
  • Build an application from a template or from scratch: Choose the features you want and drag them into place with the Kintone form builder to create custom applications in minutes.

You need to share sales data so your team can project sales for the new quarter, but the data is trapped in your spreadsheets. No worries – upload your spreadsheet, convert it into an online application, and you’re off to the races.

Add Rich Features with No Coding
Add the features you need, including business processes and workflows, with Kintone customization tools. Drag the features you want and create applications that meet your exact needs for any project.

You’re tracking sales leads in your pipeline, but you need lead scoring that aligns with company guidelines so Marketing and Sales can work together. Customize the Sales Leads Management application so Marketing can pass high-quality leads.

Workspace for Internal and External Collaboration
Doing business across time zones can certainly be challenging. Team members in the same office can talk face-to-face, while your external collaborators are held at arm’s length via email. With Kintone you can invite everyone to a guest workspace to join the conversations, share files, and be part of the team.

You and your team in San Francisco are reviewing designs for fliers with a third-party design company in New York and your marketing team in Tokyo. Enable everyone to collaborate in the same system. Everyone is engaged, and the project moves faster.


You can’t afford to compromise anymore. You need power, flexibility, speed, control and collaboration. You get it all with Kintone without the need for IT resources. It’s easy to use, improving employee engagement and productivity. Learn more about how Kintone can help your team, and take a free trial.

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