We spoke with a lot of CIOs, CMOs, SVPs, IT directors, architects, business division managers and ISVs at the Gartner PCC (Portals, Content and Collaboration) Summit, where we were Silver sponsors, in Los Angeles May 5-7. To those of you who stopped by our booth, thanks. It was great talking to you!

We spoke with Gartner analysts, and got the opportunity to demonstrate Kintone for them, and their feedback was invaluable. Some Gartner analysts in particular characterized themselves as “very excited” about Kintone. Below are some opportunities for the Kintone product that we learned from Gartner, in short.

Easy-to-use All-in-One Collaboration Service for SMBs
A true collaboration platform enables an open exchange of ideas and assets. That’s why you can’t pigeonhole Kintone into being a CRM service, a knowledge-base service, a project management service, a customer services tool or an HR service. With Kintone you get one service that does all these things and more:

  • Create business applications in minutes in three ways: from a marketplace of built-in apps, by uploading and converting a spreadsheet, and by building an application from scratch or from a template.
  • Customize applications easy with a powerful drag-and-drop form builder
  • Create an unlimited number of workspaces for divisions, internal and external projects
  • Hold conversations with whole organizations or teams, or with specific individuals or with bottom-up social communities

B2B Collaboration for Enterprise
No company is an island; and more than ever, companies use partners, vendors and third-party providers to fill their needs, such as those in this non-exclusive list:

  • Event planning and executing
  • Marketing and PR
  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Design for web, collateral and print
  • Call centers
  • Outsourcing for timesheet management, expense reporting, compliance, and more

Divisions within the Enterprise
No matter how big or small your company and what industries you serve, different departments are trying to accomplish different things. Often projects break down cleanly by department. For instance, creating new sales process may require Sales, Marketing and IT to all participate. The Kintone platform meets this need:

  • Create new workspaces and threads for different projects or even different project phases.
  • Add different applications to each workspace or thread with just the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Build applications to custom-fit the tasks and goals at hand, regardless of whether they have long-term or short-term life cycle.

Enterprise-Level Security
Give your CIO security across Marketing, Customer Service, IT, Engineering and more. Some large enterprises have been reticent to adopt cloud services, citing security concerns, but Kintone provides enterprise-level security to rival any client-server system with the client-server inefficiencies:

  • Audit logging
  • Two-factor authentication for PC, laptop, tablet, iPhone and Andriod devices access
  • ISMS (Information Security Management System)-standard certification
  • Real-time full backup across multiple data centers

It would be easy to consider Kintone an SMB collaboration and productivity provider, especially if you’re not familiar with us. But last week Gartner confirmed that Kintone is enterprise-ready with robust features and functionality and airtight security. Find out more about Kintone, and then try us free for 30 days.

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