We are glad to announce that Kintone has won TrustRadius’ 2022 Top Rated award in multiple categories.

Winning categories include:

  • No-Code Development
  • App Development
  • Task Management
  • Business Process Management (BPM)

What does it take to be Top Rated?

This award celebrates B2B technology organizations that have delivered excellent experiences and enabled customers’ success using their product. Top Rated awards showcase today’s best products based solely on user feedback and satisfaction scores. Real customer experiences and verified buyers determine the winners—it’s not based on analyst opinion or status as a TrustRadius’ customer. This unbiased recognition of the best B2B technology is what makes the award trustworthy and prestigious.

What other companies compete for the Top Rated award in those categories?

Some notable companies include monday.com, Airtable, Quickbase, Smartsheet, Asana, Claris, Nintex Process Platform, Appsheet, Wrike, Betty Blocks and many more.

So, what is Kintone?

Kintone is a no-code/low-code cloud platform for teams to easily and efficiently share and collaborate on their data. Essentially, Kintone allows anyone on your team to create web-based database apps and workflows that solve organizational inefficiencies in minutes. Some of the most common problems Kintone helps in solving are:

  1. Converting spreadsheets into high-performing database apps.
  2. Empowering non-coders to customize CRM and project-tracking tools for their team  
  3. Providing flexibility to change and improve  business applications as needs change
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What are customers saying about Kintone on TrustRadius?

“Drag and Drop Interface is excellent! Great software to imagine what you want something to look like and see it happen in real-time!” - Farshad Karimi, Implementation Manager at Wolf Retail Solutions

“I've never had as positive a customer service and training experience as when working with the Kintone Team—they have been proactive, helpful, personally engaging, and motivated to help us succeed.” - Carmen Miller, Project Manager at Printopya

“Any organization that is looking to move away from disjointed spreadsheets and lost emails should consider Kintone as their solution.” - Vice-President in Corporate Real Estate Company

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Why Kintone? 

Reason 1 - Customized business apps for every role & industry

Over 20,000 companies use Kintone A pie chart showing the industries Kintone serves: wholesale and retail trade, IT, manufacturing, service, construction, etc.

Reason 2 - No coding or special skills required to use

No special skills or programming knowledge are required to use Kintone. Whatever your department, position, or level of IT skills—if you can use a mouse, you can jump straight in and start building your perfect software solution using Kintone.

93 percent of people managing Kintone's deployment at their company are not part of the IT department

Reason 3 - Drag-and-drop your way to custom apps in a flash

Setting up custom business software typically comes with a high price tag and a long wait.

With Kintone, not only can you build business apps to track your data and workflows without any coding, it also takes a fraction of the time of traditional software development. Start building with drag-and-drop, by importing a spreadsheet, or by customizing a template from Kintone’s library of sample apps.

Reason 4 - Flexibility and scalability to handle any type of business

Kintone’s customizability lets you create custom business apps to track an almost endless variety of data, tasks and workflows. You can easily make edits and improvements with just a few clicks so that your apps are always optimized for your team’s needs.

You can also expand the functionality of Kintone with plug-ins and extensions or using JavaScript/CSS files and API integration.

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Interested in learning more about Kintone?

Whether you have a question or want help building a solution in Kintone, we’ll give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your business. Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our specialists to learn what Kintone can do for you.

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