In the work place, it seems like everyone is carefully trying to achieve the perfect balance between being a team player and working on your own as an individual. What I love about working at Kintone, and using the Kintone platform at work, is that I get to do both with ease. 

Kintone enables you to work productively on your own, because you are working with your team. We like to work together here, but know how to get things done solo as well. 

The great thing about Kintone is that all of the relevant information and data you need to do your job is all in the same place. And asking for your teammates' help is only a message away. Have a question about a customer you are working with? Wondering what went on in that weekly meeting you missed? Want to tell everyone how great your weekend was? It’s all right there in one place.

Communication is at the heart of everything on the Kintone platform. With comments, updates, user mentions, threads, notifications, private messaging and shared, live data applications, you are always connected and in the loop.

Collaboration on projects and workplace decisions leads to a happier and educated workforce. Ideas can come from all levels and roles, which keeps ideas fresh and business processes transparent. You get to build strong connections with your colleagues and happily add your two cents where you see fit. Because of Kintone, everyone is on the same page, leading to focused and unified company goals.

It's great to know I'll always have the help of my colleagues to do my job the best I can. That’s why collaboration is such a neat thing. And let’s be honest -- where else would we share karaoke pictures, hoodie designs, and videos to brighten each other’s day.

Teamwork: Alone you are just wearing a spandex suit, but on a team you are group punching the bad guy!


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