Our CEO Dave Landa spoke at the Gartner Applications Strategies and Solutions Summit, busting myths about millennials, digital transformation and low code platforms.

Check out the recap so you don’t and your organization don’t fall prey to these myths and misconceptions.

Starting off with the biggest myth:  ‘Millennials are a pain’

Millennials tend to get a bad rap as they are the youngest generation in the workforce but they are also the highest educated group. Not all Millennials are ‘coders’ but they are true digital natives. Given their tech savvy ways, they have a difficult time accepting clunky, inefficient and or non-digital systems and because of this, if they can’t find a solution they will simply create one. Current ineffective processes are a pain, not millennials. Millennials can help lead your digital transformation if they aren’t already doing so.

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Speaking of  Digital transformation, Myth #2 is ‘Digital Transformation is always disruptive’

“Move fast and break things” is often synonymous with being disruptive however it’s probably not the best way to transform things within your organization. Breaking things might be exciting but transforming your organization in meaningful ways is powerful.

Kintone enables teams to revamp their workflow and business processes by replacing what isn’t working without derailing other current systems in place. 

“The purchase of Kintone at our company came from a need for audit trails and workflow management of several processes in accounting. Some of the processes were paper, email, phone based or even walking to the person’s office. We’re all excited to see what else (Kintone) can do as we see the company start to utilize digital technology and the many benefits from that." 

-- Betsey Thurlo, System Administrator at McCormick Distilling

Myth #3 is another big misconception  - ‘All Low Code Platforms are the same’

Let’s think about this one one for a second. We know that not all technology is created equally and low code platforms are no different.  We don’t want to bore you each and every difference between all of the low code platforms but we do want to point out a few key distinctions.

First, Kintone’s foundation is based on these three pillars: database, process & collaboration. Our dynamic solutions help our clients launch 1,000 new apps on our platform each day.  

Next, Kintone is great for BOTH business users and IT pros, it’s easy to use regardless of technical background.  

Lastly, Kintone is unlike other competitors in size of growth, we are adding hundreds of new clients each year whereas some of our competitors average about 50 per year.

Myth #4 ‘Low Code Platforms can’t manage Mission Critical’

Low code does not mean less impactful. Kintone’s easy to implement solutions allow businesses to access their data sooner and start managing their workflow faster.

In the words of our clients:

“We needed an agile solution that could change and grow rapidly as we changed and grew rapidly. For sure, Kintone is Mission Critical. We run the bulk of our Day-to-Day out of Kintone – everything is cleaner and more transparent now.”

-- Adil Zadil, Director of Operations at Bandwave

Learn more about low code platforms at our webinar.

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