Improving your company’s work experience by optimizing efficiency and alleviating stresses related to day-to-day operations is what Kintone does -- but our vision, we realized, is much broader than that.

During our rebranding process earlier this year, we figured out that making teamwork better on a global scale is our one big mission in the marketplace. (Besides helping you fall in love with your data again, of course.) 

But how do you “make teamwork better globally,” and what does that phrase even mean?

Believe it or not, we ask ourselves this question constantly here at the Kintone office. In fact, there’s not a day that goes by where we don’t wonder what team improvement on a global scale looks like. Sometimes it’s clearer than at other times, but it’s important that this vision keeps growing and evolving over time. 

Having a core value like this - a fundamental motivation for the work we put into providing businesses with low-code/no-code tools that streamlines the time-consuming art of data tracking - keeps us on our toes.

We held our first annual Kintone Connect Conference this past November, and while we were there, we took time to reflect on the prospect of making teamwork better globally as we listened to the wisdom our guest speakers shared with us during their presentations. When people become empowered problem-solving heroes at their organizations by learning to focus on the essential, streamline tedious process and easily share information with their team – all without writing a line of code – then we will have truly entered what we call “the solution revolution.”

Simply put, this means looking at some of the problems that stand in the way of true, efficient teamwork, and how low-code software platforms van solve them. And when it comes to problems that slow down powerful team synergy, there are two categories.

The first and most impactful one is the social category. This is the realm of interpersonal issues, competitiveness, unclear goal setting, and miscommunication which fosters disharmony in a group. Company culture plays a significant role in the success and health of a business. That’s why we’re committed to providing as much content as possible to help educate and spread awareness to our customers about how to eliminate this often unacknowledged form of waste. 

The second category of problems that throw a wrench in true collaborative teamwork is organizational. While the issues found here may not be as apparent as those we’d find from the former, they still have major effects on if, when, and how you get things done. Fortunately, these are what our product addresses head on so you can spend more time working on improving and smoothing out the social side of things we just mentioned, boosting morale and productivity simultaneously.

With Kintone, projects you’re managing are simplified using a low-code/no-code interface to build and launch rapid applications that take care of tracking your data for you.

With all of your data centralized and easily accessible to your team members in one place, dealing with it becomes less of an isolating chore and more of a social activity. You don’t have to open up the spreadsheet of figures from last quarter in one tab as you enter in time log information in another, all while replying to multiple group chats. With Kintone, all of these functions are in one easy location so your focus isn’t as fractured. This saving you as much time as possible and establishing a healthier level of transparency among your co-workers that will become the new standard for your working environment.

What’s even better is - because you’ve essentially found a shortcut around the heavy duties of database management - you’ll create less stress and waste to burden your IT department with, too. They won’t have to spend the extra time to create simple databases and apps that take quite literally minutes to make in Kintone. They can spend their time doing more important things, like resolving development issues or taking care of the back end. 

In more words or less, that’s how Kintone makes teamwork better globally - for the right now. Our platform gives you the freedom to take care of more important matters, the things you need to do to push your business forward and get your own software products out there.

Time is the most precious commodity, after all. We want to help you make every second count.

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