Designing anything from scratch can feel daunting—just ask A-B Emblem, a custom emblem and patch manufacturer that's been around since 1892. Not only are they experts in building out custom designs, having worked with groups ranging from Little Leaguers to NASA, but they also know all about building custom software to make their processes more efficient.

Custom Software For A Very Custom Process

While custom software development sounds quite complicated, Kintone's no-code/low-code platform lets A-B Emblem's team do most of the heavy lifting in a simple drag-and-drop interface.

And the order system they've built in Kintone is anything but simple; the starring app in their arsenal is the Quote Form app, where a team member can pop in design specs and have an automatic quote in just a few clicks. The app's backend is formatted with a variety of formulas to calculate shipping weight and estimated shipping costs without any need for A-B Emblem's team to bust out a calculator. 

We've created an infographic (below) that showcases this complex custom order system from design to delivery. 

AB Emblem Infographic_FINAL-2

Want to learn more about how A-B Emblem is using Kintone to improve their processes and department collaboration? Heather Johnson, A-B Emblem's compliance officer, shares their digital transformation journey and how they moved from paper-based processes to cloud-based Kintone apps, reducing overhead by 50% in the process. Read the full story here. 

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