Digital transformation isn't just for Silicon Valley companies or young startups. It's a way of life for organizations expecting to survive in the next decade.

Companies, especially those with outdated legacy systems stuck on doing "business as usual," are rapidly hiring Chief Digital Officers and creating Centers of Innovation and Excellence to try and keep up.

While leaders at these organization are well-aware we live in a data-driven world that requires digital dexterity and customer-first innovation, changing the status quo and an entire culture to prioritize long-term digital transformation is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube on a rollercoaster.

It requires shifting strategy multiple times as you're pulled in all kinds of directions. This means organizations will need to adopt new KPIs and redesign core processes to become more transparent and collaborative. For those who succeed, the rewards are high. 

11 Digital Transformation Quotes To Lead Change & Inspire Action from Kintone

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