Recently our CEO Dave Landa spoke at the Gartner Applications Strategies and Solutions Summit, busting myths about millennials, digital transformation and low code platforms.

Check out the recap so you don’t and your organization don’t fall prey to these myths and misconceptions.


Starting off with the biggest myth:  ‘Millennials are a pain’

Millennials tend to get a bad rap as they are the youngest generation in the workforce but they are also the highest educated group. Not all Millennials are ‘coders’ but they are true digital natives. Given their tech savvy ways, they have a difficult time accepting clunky, inefficient and or non-digital systems and because of this, if they can’t find a solution they will simply create one. Current ineffective processes are a pain, not millennials. Millennials can help lead your digital transformation if they aren’t already doing so.

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Speaking of  Digital transformation, Myth #2 is ‘Digital Transformation is always disruptive’

“Move fast and break things” is often synonymous with being disruptive however it’s probably not the best way to transform things within your organization. Breaking things might be exciting but transforming your organization in meaningful ways is powerful.

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