August Kintone product updates will take effect on August 9, 2021. 


New Features
Feature Improvements


New Features

Reorder Favorite Apps & Spaces
Previously, favorite apps and spaces would display in the order that you added them. Now, you can reorder favorite apps and spaces as you like.
To Reorder Favorite Apps

Product Update
To Reorder Favorite Spaces

Product Update

Feature Improvements

New Links to Help Topics
Relevant help links and the settings overview have been added to all of the Kintone Administration settings pages.
Ex) Guest Authentication

Product Update
Enhanced Audit Log Feature
Improved log messages and added status in audit logs to help debug and troubleshoot while importing files.
Product Update
Available Update Options 
Update Options is a tool that allows administrators to control how Kintone updates are applied. Using the options, administrators can choose when to roll out updates to their team.
Three options are available: 
Product Update
In August Updates, the following features can be applied to the Update Options: 


Available Feature


 ❶ Disable New Features




Added Additional Functionality to CSV Import

The feature can't be disabled after the August update is released.

New Comment Notifications in Comment Pane

Edit & Delete Buttons Are Unaccessible from Record List If User Doesn't Have Permission

Adding a Space to Your Favorites

The feature can be disabled until the November update is released. 

Smart Guides to Align Fields on the App Form

Expanded Date Range Available in the Date_Format Function

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 ❸ New Features in Development

Moving an App from inside/outside a Space to anywhere you have permissions 

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