When it comes to loving your data, we’re on a constant mission to help our customers work more efficiently by finding and creating what they need with ease and speed.

For this August product update, we've made improvements to our application development, navigation and user interface to help you spend less time clicking and searching and more building the business apps your team will love.

Here are the 10 new features you'll now see in your Kintone platform: 

1. App search added in Kintone Marketplace to find the apps you need faster.

 added app.jpeg

2. App icon can be changed easily with one click.

task management.jpeg

3. You can now import new records with tables via CSV files
A record with a table can be imported if adding new records. But you are not able to update table data in an existing record when importing a .CSV. However, you can update non-table data fields of a record with a table via a .CSV import. Learn more here.

4. Navigation for trial users to easily add an app and a record.

doc lib.jpeg
5. New way to access App Settings
Accessing App Settings is no longer available from the three dots icon. Users can now click on the gear icon to quickly open App Settings.
dots to gear.jpeg
6. Default open tab from the App Settings tab changed to the Form tab on the App settings page.
app settings tab.jpeg
app settings tab 2.jpeg
7. New design of Kintone Marketplace to get you building faster.
marketplace before.jpegAfter:
marketplace after.jpeg8. Improved breadcrumb menu for easier navigation. 
9. Improved the date format in the record editing view from year, month, day to month, day, year. 
10. Added “Record is deleted” as an option for Events in the Webhook settings.
Happy app building!
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