The Kintone September updates are in. 

Added Features
  • A link to display all users on the “Department & Users” page will be added
  • An expiration date will be displayed for certificates, when setting up the SAML Authentication settings
Specification Changes
  • The Plug-in Marketplace will be removed. Plug-ins for Zendesk and Box will be available and maintained on the developer network
  • Improved “OR” operators filtering speeds
  • Graphs that take 60 or more seconds to calculate will be cancelled during their process
  • An error message for the Lookup settings will be changed
    • If two or more Lookups target the same field for the field mapping setting and the settings are saved the error will show:
      “The destination field must be unique within one Lookup and should not be used in another Lookup.”
  • Shadows will be added to the text of the login screen for better visibility
  • The week number will be removed from the calendars displayed on date fields on the User & System Administration page
  • The following dates will be changed from drop downs to calendars on the User & System Administration page:
    • Hire date
    • Birthday
  • When an “Account Lockout Duration” is set on the User & System Administration page, the error message that appears when an account is locked will change
Bug Fixes


  • Processes failed when updating or cancelling App Settings
  • Downloads of pictures attached to attachment fields, that were shown in the pop-up for the look-up field failed
  • The error messages for the following operations were changed
    • When operations failed due to locking of databases
    • When updates using CSV/Excel failed due to tables including fields that were “required field”
  • “Save” and “Cancel” buttons disappeared on the record edit page [for Mac Safari]


  • Deleted values appeared in search results


  • Values appeared in fields where the user had no permission to edit, when users duplicated a record
  • The width of the Related Records field was longer than it needed to be


  • Graph previews were not updating, when the below conditions were changed on the graph settings page:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Date and Time
    • Created Datetime
    • Updated Datetime


  • The notification settings for apps did not display for the settings based on deleted users/departments/groups, and also those settings were deleted when the notification settings were saved
  • Several reminders were sent off if several reminder notifications met the notification conditions

Process Management

  • Errors were displayed on a filtered view when all of the below conditions were matched
    • The process management feature was turned off
    • “Assignee” or “Status” was selected for the “Datasource App Fields to Display” option in a look-up field
    • The “Assignee” or “Status” of the look-up field in the above settings was selected as a condition for a filtered view
  • Templates that matched all of the below conditions were broken(unable to import)
    • The process management feature was turned off
    • “Assignee” or “Status” was selected for the “Datasource App Fields to Display” option in a look-up field
    • The template was created before July 2015
  • Updating record Status took time depending on the settings of the process management or permission settings


  • The bookmark feature became unusable when an invalid URL was bookmarked

Record History

  • Files were not deleted from the record history, even when the record’s history feature was turned off
  • Alerts were sometimes displayed stating that the client’s certificates were going to expire, even after cancelling the Client Certificate subscriptions
  • Affiliated departments of users were not listed in the correct order. After the fix they will be listed in the following order
    • From departments in higher hierarchies
    • From the department that was set first (if there are several departments in the same hierarchy)
  • Services (Kintone &/or Client Certificate Authentication) were sometimes included in the “Available Services” of the exported user list, even if those services were terminated for those users
  • “SUCCESS” was listed in the Audit Log when a user failed to change their password

If there were too many departments in one hierarchy, the link to delete the bottom department was not displayed

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Changes to the APIs will be listed on the developer network

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