Small Business Expo 2015 - Seattle

When: 9:30 AM - 4 PM, July 16th, 2015

Where: Washington State Convention Center

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Kintone - Booth #214

Whether you’re looking to compete with larger companies or just want to improve productivity within your small business, you won’t want to miss Kintone’s Productivity Workshop at Small Business Expo Seattle.

Title: “Using Cloud Apps for Huge Productivity Gains”

Description: Kintone Sales Engineer, Richard Su, will share his insights on how any small business can leverage the power of Cloud business applications. By combining them with central business process management, small businesses are able to reap significant productivity gains for their business. Small teams are able to act like large teams and grow their business while containing costs. We’ll review various cloud business apps on the market, explain how they can work with one another seamlessly, and introduce techniques for centrally managing the business process. Learn how one small business used this method to manage a 6X customer base increase without any corresponding manpower increase.

Speaker Bio:

Richard Su is a sales engineer for Kintone, a leading global BYOS (Build Your Own Software) platform and collaboration service, developed and marketed by Cybozu Inc, a public company based in Japan. From Cybozu’s U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, Richard is building out the U.S. business for the Kintone platform.


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