February Kintone product updates will take effect on February 12, 2024. 


Feature Improvements

New Features in Development

Other Updates

Feature Improvements

Improved Administrator Settings: Clear Role Descriptions for Better Understanding

The administrator settings page has been improved with enhanced descriptions that clearly explain the roles and responsibilities of the administrator. With these clear role descriptions, users can manage their accounts more efficiently. 


API Updates - Preventing Get or Replacement of Non-Numeric Values for Numeric Fields in Kintone JavaScript API 

The Kintone Event Object and JavaScript APIs are getting an update. This update will prevent users from retrieving or replacing non-numeric values for Number fields. The update has been made available as an option in the November 2023 update, giving users ample time to modify their code accordingly. The primary objective of this change is to simplify the handling of numerical values and enhance maintainability.

When using JavaScript APIs to work with the Number field, users could retrieve or rewrite with non-numeric values.
Therefore, it was necessary to implement codes to determine whether the value retrieved was a number.
#INVALID will be returned in event objects if non-numeric values are set in Number fields.
Setting the value of the Number field with an invalid value using Event Objects or JavaScript API will result in an error.
For more details, please refer to the developer network article at 


New Features in Development

Our Kintone development team is constantly working on new features.

These new features will be added to Kintone's "New Features in Development" without any prior notice to you.

However, you can enable the new features by navigating to "Kintone Administration," then selecting "Update Options," and finally deciding "New Features in Development" settings. This gives you complete control over the features you want to enable, as they will not be enabled automatically.

Introducing the API Lab: A Dedicated Space for New Features in Development

The new "API Lab" section has been added to the Kintone administration's "New Features in Development." This new section consolidates all the API-related features that are currently in development. The "API Lab" features are updated frequently - new features are added, updated, and deleted daily.
The Kintone development team welcomes your feedback and suggestions for API updates via the "Help us improve Kintone" form.
API Lab (as of February 1, 2024):

Other Updates 

Available Update Options 

Update Options is a tool that allows administrators to control how Kintone updates are applied. Administrators can choose when to roll out updates to their team using the options.

To access Update Options, click the gear wheel to the left of the search bar and select "Kintone Administration." Select "Update Options" under "Other.

For February, the following features will be applied to the Update Options:



Available Feature



Disable New Features*


























Form Setup Feature Gets a User-Friendly Update

The feature can be disabled until the May update is released.  

Effortlessly Update Assignee Settings with Enhanced Process Management Settings


Preventing Get or Replacement of Non-Numeric Values for Numeric Fields in Kintone JavaScript API


Preview New Features



New Features in Development*











Improved Error Messaging When Failing to Import a File


New File Import Methods


User Profile Pop-up - A New Feature for Quick User Information


Desktop Notifications


New Functionality to Restrict Use of Plug-ins - A Kintone Administration Update


App Code is Editable Anytime


Improved Design for Apps in Space with Visible App Names and Icons


Kintone System Administration Gets a Design Infrastructure Update to Enhance Development Efficiency


* You can find the latest updates on the "Update Options" page in Kintone System Administration. These updates may occur outside of regular updates.




*Monthly Channel 


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