If you’re a part of the Kintone team, there will come a time you’ll be invited to Kintone Karaoke. 

Kintone Karaoke is a time-honored tradition in our Japanese-based company that sees performances including:

  1. At least one rendition of Toto's Africa
  2. One (or several) Kintonians doing push ups to Eye of the Tiger
  3. Songs in several different languages (リンダリンダ anyone?)
  4. Crowd favorites including Call Me Maybe and Mr. Brightside

Kintone Karaoke is one of the ways we come together as a team; it’s a chance for us to have fun together, share laughs, and leave with a lot of memories to talk about until we meet again. (Also we get great photos, see below). 

Kintone karaoke Japan


Karaoke = Modern Thanksgiving?

Karaoke might not be the traditional way of bringing people together, but it shares that same sentiment behind Thanksgiving. We’re in this to share the good, the bad, and the really really weird and use that spirit of inclusiveness and authenticity to make our unique little team whole.

348B47C7-55B4-4253-8835-D9AC49BA2756(above, the team scheming where to karaoke after dinner)

In this last year, we’ve had many new members join our Kintone team, some of whom you know and others who work behind the curtain. As we give thanks for having them, we’ve also asked them to tell us what they’re thankful for this year:

Sayuri Ozawa, US IT Department

I'm thankful for my family, friends, having good health, and a job. I'm grateful that I can work remotely, especially for my kids' schedules. I’ve enjoyed getting to know and working with nice and friendly people at Kintone. It seems like the pandemic is almost over, and hopefully, I can meet more of our team members at our office. 

This Thanksgiving, we can finally have my parents-in-law over from the East Coast. It has been the first time in three years! We usually celebrate Thanksgiving with a whole chicken, but we may try it with turkey this year!

Ruthvik Mugala, Growth Marketing & Campaign Lead

For me, Thanksgiving is special because it’s one more reason to get together with close ones and party! And all the food! Can somebody start a petition to have more such holidays? I’d be the first to sign.

Since my college days, I always envisioned myself working in a marketing role at a ‘cool’ company, which is one of the main reasons I moved to the US (originally from India) almost seven years ago. As an immigrant, it is extremely difficult to land marketing roles in the US, but Kintone gave me that opportunity this year. Now I have a chance to learn, grow and succeed, and I am very thankful for that (especially to my team). I am also ever thankful to my family and friends whom I rely on day-to-day!

Pavan Sundrani, Sales Consultant

Every year without fail we follow the traditional Thanksgiving feast catered by Wegmans, but we also incorporate some traditional Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, paneer makhani, and more! Before digging into the feast, we have about 20 to 25 of our family members surrounding the table and pray for good health and wishes. Then we dig in! 

I am thankful for an amazing team at work and an amazing family that motivates me in both my personal and professional goals. 

Every tradition counts this season

Traditions, no matter the size or if they are unique or even plain normal, are the added zest to our family and friend lives. Whether it’s Kintone Karaoke or grandma’s famous baklava, we hope that each way of bringing people together continues to be passed on for years to come. 

karaoke kintone Japan

Community matters, and we want to keep it strong.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Kintone. What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Share with us in the comments below! 


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