2021 was a unique year. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel with the distribution of the vaccines, and for the first time since before COVID, some of us were able to see and hug our family and friends again. It’s something that we took for granted until the pandemic took it away from us. 2021 was a year of many post-pandemic firsts, from the first time gathering with friends for a meal, to the first time going on a vacation, or a first time meeting a new member of the family. The excitement in the air at every reunion has been palpable, making this Thanksgiving extra special.

So of all the things we looked forward to this year, which one did most Kintonians agree on? Meeting their coworkers in person—something many had the opportunity to do during our optional in-person company event in July of this year.

Yuta: I'm thankful that I was able to finally meet up with other Kintonians in 2021. I was looking forward to this since I joined Kintone during the pandemic last year and didn't have a chance to meet up with them.

Also, I'm thankful for working for such a great company that supports their stakeholders, such as providing us necessary equipment to improve our remote-work environment, holding virtual-parties or celebrating member's Kintone anniversary. I feel connected to the team and am constantly motivated even though we've been mostly working remote.

    dim sum breakfast thankful blog

Pictured above Yuta (right) enjoys dim sum with Kintonians and celebrates life milestones. 


Joe: I’m thankful for my family, friends and all my fellow Kintonians. My life has improved in ways that I can’t imagine without the people in it.

escape room thankful blogPictured above Joe (left) and team made it out of the escape room with time to spare during their team bonding activity in July.

Sharon:  I'm thankful for my family, my friends, good health, and my new job. Thank you for hiring me, Kintone! I'm grateful that I can work remotely and be part of a diverse team. I’ve enjoyed getting to know and working together with nice and friendly people. 

Last year we didn’t do anything for thanksgiving. This year, the COVID situation seems to be getting better, so we’ll invite my husband’s family over. It’s our first time cooking for the family (feeling a bit pressured lol). Instead of the traditional turkey, we’ll make prime rib (fingers crossed!). And most importantly, we’ll be spending quality time with each other. 

      dim sum team thankful blog

Pictured above Sharon (right) meets coworkers for the very first time. 

Yoko: I’m thankful for having joined Kintone! Fighting for social issues is my life mission, and I am so grateful that I could join this team that is serious about changing society. 

What are you most thankful for? Let us know in the comments section.

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