If you’ve been a fan of Kintone for a while, you may have noticed some of the changes we’ve rolled out to our website this year. Most notably, our Kintone characters have gotten a makeover—from endearing members of the animal kingdom to a more human crew. 

A closer look at the transformations

Kintone character_before-after_KT

KT’s a team leader with a lot on her plate. She’s a go-getter and a people person, always inspiring others to reach for their goals.


Kintone character_before-after_Eric

Eric is the team member it’s impossible to dislike. Easy-going and friendly, he’s earned his stripes as the team’s resident problem-solver and improver of processes.


Kintone character_before-after_Lisa

Don’t be fooled by Lisa's soft smile; she's a formidable powerhouse of multi-tasking and getting things done. Got a new project for her? She’s all ears.


Kintone character_before-after_Paul

Paul is as ambitious as his hair is tall. He’s full of big ideas for the team, even if some of them will be a bit of an uphill climb. There’s nothing he loves more than digging into data and learning from it. 


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Kintone character quiz-01

Saying goodbye to our animals

We love our new characters but we’re also sad to see the old ones go. If you have any of our animal swag, send us a photo of it! We’ll feature it on our social media as part of saying farewell to an era of our beloved Kintone animals!

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