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Sales teams have access to increasing volumes of data about their customers, and as a result  must interact with more data and more apps to close deals. While the data stored in various apps is useful for their goals, the time spent switching between apps and aggregating data from them leads to significant productivity losses. 

Unfortunately, most sales teams aren’t equipped with the resources to develop their own customized sales processes in order to streamline the flow of data. Customized CRM systems today are expensive to implement, and even when implemented, sales reps still don’t typically have access to make their own customizations. Some teams turn outward to third-party implementation partners to realize their sales app ideas, but these solutions often come with hidden costs. CRM products like Salesforce can quickly become expensive when each customization requires a complex third-party implementation process.

Unable to rely on their own internal IT departments (who are often backlogged with requests) or afford third-party Salesforce implementation partners, many sales reps either accept their convoluted workflows or form makeshift solutions with spreadsheets. But while spreadsheets might help sales teams evade a hefty price tag, they cost companies in other ways. Sales members export customer data into spreadsheets, and customer data ends up exposed to potential data breach threats and other integrity issues. On top of this, another problem for sales teams is that they handle a lot of customer and internal communication in Email and Slack, leaving their communication data disconnected from their sales data. This makes it hard to find historical customer communications, and causes sales teams to constantly switch back and forth between apps all day to get their job done. 

If sales reps aren’t equipped with the tools to turn their app and process ideas into a reality, CRM processes will become static and sales teams will end up having frustrating app experiences that decrease their productivity. If CRM tools remain difficult for sales reps to customize, they are going to keep exporting customer data and managing sales processes in spreadsheets. These disconnected CRM systems and processes slow down sales team productivity, increase the risk of customer data leaks, and ultimately result in lower sales win-rates. Sales teams have more customer data than ever, but if they don’t have an effective way to manage that data, then the value of the data is lost. 

So how can we help sales teams manage this flood of customer data and close more deals?


Introducing: Kintone CRM App Pack

To help businesses solve this problem, Kintone is launching the Kintone CRM App Pack. The CRM App Pack is an extension for the Kintone Platform that allows your sales teams to re-think the way you approach managing your CRM:

Build your own CRM and turn every sales rep into a CRM builder

Instead of paying for an expensive third party CRM implementation, with Kintone you can teach your sales team to become visual app builders and build their own custom CRM. With the Kintone Platform, your sales team can use visual app development tools to build and customize CRM apps and processes themselves, without IT or third party support. The CRM App Pack gives your team a head start with a customizable CRM template for managing Customers, Accounts, Activities and Opportunities. Your sales reps know your customer data and your sales processes better than anyone, so now they can own the CRM implementation and build/customize solutions within the sales team. Now your sales reps can turn their sales process and app ideas into a reality by building it themselves.

Replace your legacy spreadsheets with a connected customer database

Now your sales teams don’t have to export customer data to spreadsheets anymore. With the visual development tools in the Kintone Platform, sales reps can build new apps, processes and analytics much easier than in a spreadsheet. Granular security settings allow you to control user permissions to data and to customize views for specific teams and individuals to reduce the potential of a data breach. You can also use the Kintone Spreadsheet to App Converter to easily convert your old spreadsheets into secure apps on Kintone. Sales apps built on Kintone all run on a common database, so your sales team now has a single source of truth for all customer data. 

Get rid of email and unify your sales communication with your customer data

Instead of using Email or Slack for all of your sales team and customer communication, now you can communicate tightly in the context of your customer and sales data. Kintone’s built in collaboration tools give you an automatic collaboration feed on every app and every record, so you can communicate as a team in the context of customer data. Now the whole sales team will easily be able to find team communication around a specific customer, account or opportunity, without having to search through Email and Slack threads. Kintone also allows you to create Private Spaces for customer collaboration, so you can get rid of email completely, and collaborate better with your customers. Now your sales team has one platform to manage all of their sales data and collaboration data in one place. 

The Kintone CRM App Pack gives sales teams a new way to approach managing customer data and sales processes. By empowering teams to build and customize CRM processes using visual development tools, you can increase sales productivity, increase data security, and ultimately increase win-rates. 

To get started with the Kintone CRM App Pack, please sign up for our free trial. Our Kintone experts will coordinate a 30-minute consultation to help you get started.

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