We are growing our team! Meet our new digital squad:


At Kintone we've always walked on the wild side: from elephants to frogs, we've used animal imagery over the years as part of embracing a spirit of diversity and playfulness in the workplace. 

Now we're excited to introduce you to a new series of animal work heroes, which you can expect to see more of in the near future. Our new cast of characters don't just represent Kintone's values; they also represent the struggles, troubles, and goals of our customers.


Our new cast can be seen in our homepage video (where they work together to combat space litter!).

You can also see them on our solutions page, which helps people learn how Kintone can fit their specific problems (click the image to go to the page and find your own work-specific solution):


Why Comics?

Well we'd by lion if we said it had nothing to do with our heritage.

Kintone is a subsidiary of Cybozu Inc., a Japanese company with a long history and love for animals (take a look at their lobby below).

Cybozu_Office   Cybozu_Office3

(P.S. That's Cybozu's President, Yoshihisa Aono, on the far right).  

Between our animal obsession and Japan's fame for comics, it only made sense to put our animals into comics. We also think software could use a little more fun. 

Kintone's Animal Crew is Already Helping Visitors

We only just let the animals out and already they're helping Kintone customers and website visitors find what they need faster than ever. Since using comics on our "View Kintone By Your Problem" page, we've seen time on our comic-themed web pages increase by 22.8%, with exit rates decreasing by 37.5% (over the span of nearly three months).

So if you haven't already, consider adding a little more sealiness to your own company: not only is it good for business, it's otterly fun!

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Who Drew the Animal Crew?

The comic-strip characters you see on our site were designed by Cybozu illustrator Amy Shinohara. Shinohara shared her thoughts on the project:

“The comic stories are based off of issues and challenges we found throughout interviews conducted in the U.S. By focusing on the issues and challenges, we wanted the reader to resonate to the story 'ah! I run into the same problem.' Although cultures and customs are different, I found out the same challenges are faced by both the U.S. and Japanese organizations. This new insight will help plan for future promotional activities. I’d be happy if people around the globe would learn about Kintone through these comics.”

You can see more of Shinohara's portfolio here and on her website: https://dribbble.com/shinopara


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