July Kintone product updates will take effect on July 10, 2020. 

New Features

Download App List to CSV File 
Kintone Administrators can download a list of apps in the domain to a CSV file. This is useful to report how many apps are being used and find apps that are no longer in use.
Product Update
Easily Filter Apps You Have Created 
In the portal, you can use the filter to display apps you have created.
Product Update
In Kintone App Management, you can find apps you have created to easily update, organize and delete apps. 
Product Update


Feature Updates

Enabling Two Factor Authentication
In Users & System Administration, go to the Login Security page and select "Allow users to use two-factor authentication."
Product Update
In User Account Settings, click "Enable" on the bottom of the page under the Login Name & Password tab. 
Product Update
Steps to login with two-factor authentication enabled:
Product Update
Improved Graph Labels 
For better clarity on labels, we removed unnecessary terms such as date and time.
This change is applied to the following type of graphs: Bar chart, Column chart, Line chart, Spline chart, Area chart, Spline area chart, Pie chart, Pivot Table 
Product Update
Choosing Email Notification Format 
Each user can select the Email notification format between HTML format and Text format on their Personal Settings page.
Product Update
Kintone Administrators can prevent users from changing the format just as before.
Product Update
We have also improved the UI on the settings page to be more intuitive. 
Kintone Administration
Product Update
Personal Settings 
Product Update


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