June product updates will take effect on June 10, 2018.

Added Features

Free Trial Users Can Invite Their Team Members During Initial Onboarding 

Product Update
1. Up to 4 team members can be invited.
Product Update
2. Invitation email is sent to invited team members.
Product Update
3. Team members can then login to Kintone.
Product Update
Free trial users invite their team members during onboarding in the "Get Started" section.
Product Update
UI Updates
The Welcome Dialog Tutorial Screen
  Before:                                                                             After: 
Product Update
Feature Improvement 
Create App Screen
1. Push the "+" button to create new "Apps"
Product Update
2. "Create from Excel" can now be selected.
Product Update
3. The screen has been updated as below.
 Before:                                                                                  After:
Product Update
Email Notification Screen
 Before:                                                                              After:
Product Update
An Asterisk (*) Will Display to Indicate When a Field is Set as a Required Field
1. In this example, a text field has been entitles "Company Name".
Product Update
2. Then in the Field Settings, the "Company Name" field has been set as a "Required field".
Product Update
3. After saving the "Company Name" field as a "Required field", and asterisk will display on the form screen.
Product Update
API Updates
The REST API has been added. There is now a function that can show each permission for each of the following actions (View, Edit, and Delete) for applications, records, and fields.
Product Update
Advanced Update Notice
July Update
(This is an advanced notification because this update may impact the user interface in a significant way)

In the Announcement section of the main Portal, Spaces, and Threads, the name of a "View" or "Graph" that may be attached therein will be displayed immediately to the right of the App name.

Before:                                                                               After: 

Product Update

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