San Francisco coders! You’ve probably participated in tons of mini-hackathons in the past, but we can assure you that you’ve never experienced an event quite like the Kintone Developer Dojo. The best part is, you don't even have to fly all the way to Japan to experience a Kintone Dojo, we've brought this hands-on interactive workshop to the Bay Area. 


How will this be different? For starters, you’ll eat sushi while coding on a Japanese cloud-based business application platform. Yattaaaaaa!! Once the mini hackathon time is over, you get to share the application you just built with a panel of judges. A la American idol the judges listen intently as you explain how your application solves a really interesting problem. Finally, the winner is announced! The winning team will get to take home either Google Minis or Amazon Dots.

The best part is, win or lose everyone gets to take home a free developer license where you can let your creativity roam free to create even more business apps and potentially make some money on the side!

Sign up for Kintone Developer Dojo, you won’t regret it, promise. Check out the winners from our last Kintone Dojo from the App Academy and some other fun photos from our latest event.

Sign me up for Kintone Developer Dojo! 


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