Familiarize yourself with Portal Home so you can effectively navigate your Kintone platform. Here is an overview of the key sections and buttons you will see when you access Portal Home. 

Announcements: The announcement board displays important notifications, updates, or reports everyone on your team needs to know. Your Kintone Administrator can customize this section so it displays what matters most to your team.

Assigned to Me: When an app uses the Process Management feature, it will populate here when there is a record that requires your attention. A little red icon will display on the app icon to let you know how many items within that particular app you need to take action on. If you don't see an Assigned to Me box, this just means there is nothing for you to review at this time. 

Spaces: A Space is a workspace where you can add apps and collaborate with team members by viewing common information and discussion threads. If you have permission, you can create a new Space form Portal Home. 

Apps: An App is a feature for creating business apps to help you manage your data and business processes. If you have permission, you can create a new App from Portal Home.

To learn about all the features on Portal Home, check out the video below.

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