June Kintone product updates will take effect on June 12, 2020. 

New Features

Add All Fields Button For Exporting And Setting Up A View 
Use the "Add All" and "Clear All"  to select or clear all fields to be exported to save time and back up all data.
Quickly set up all fields for Export. 
Product Update
Quickly set up a View with all fields.
Product Update

Feature Improvements

Improved Error Messages 
Improved error messages to better identify where errors have occurred when saving a record.
Product Update
Product Update
Expanded Email Notifications 
Now you can get notified via email for new messages and thread mentions.
Product Update
The following notifications can now be sent via email:
・Someone sent a Message to you: "To Me" Notifications
・Someone mentioned you on People threads: "To Me" Notifications
・Someone posted on your People thread: "To Me" Notifications
・Someone posted on People threads you follow: "To All" Notifications 
Formula Autocorrect
Any formulas that contain function names that are entered in lowercase or mixed case (i.e., if, Sum) will automatically be updated to uppercase. You can use an uppercase, a lowercase, or a mixed case when you enter a function name in a formula.
Product Update
After:  Product Update
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