Culture and collaboration is in our DNA. It's what drove our founder and now Cybozu CEO Yoshihisa Aono, an ex-Panasonic engineer on a quest for a better groupware solution, to create Kintone.

In its 20-year history, our parent company Cybozu has changed the conversation around work in Japan, collaborating with the government and other companies to create work cultures the nourish, grow and inspire individuals and teams.

We were lucky to spend a whole weekend discussing these important elements with other culture mavens at The Culture Conference in Santa Clara. But it was more than just talk -- it was also about implementing and executing meaningful change at our organizations with real action steps for creating safety, belonging, creativity and residence. 

At our booth, we asked attendees to answer "why do you work?" We got answers like "to make the world better," "to help other find meaning," and "to create communities of goal setters."


IMG_1801.jpgWe heard a common theme in each of these responses, none of which included "to make money." Most of work to create something bigger than ourselves and our organizations with trust, transparency and teamwork powering the transformation. We see it happening everyday with Kintone clients who we've helped love their data again and work more productively with teams.

If you're ready to unleash and empower your team of creative problem solvers and interact with your information from one workplace, anytime and anywhere, check out Kintone to learn more.  

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