March product updates will take effect on March 8, 2019.


Preview of New Mobile Design 

Kintone Mobile is undergoing a redesign to bring further excitement and ease-of-use to your Kintone experience.
The first preview of the new mobile design will be released this month and the official Mobile App release is scheduled on May 10, 2019.
The following features are available in the preview version:
1. The welcome page appears on the initial login to the new mobile app.
Product Update
2. Portal Home, including the Announcement board, is now available on mobile.
Product Update
3. The menu bar provides quick access to features like Apps, Spaces, People, and Search.
Product Update
4. Full-text search provides access to search the entire platform.
Product Update
5. Searched keywords will appear bolded in the search results.
Product Update
6. Notifications are easily accessible to view from the bell icon.
Product Update
7. Quickly move through workflows with more intuitive buttons.
Product Update
8. Adding, editing, and saving records buttons in a more convenient location.
Product Update
To Enable the Preview Version:
    1. From the Gear wheel, select Kintone Administration. 
    2. Under Other, select Feature Activation.
    3. Click Enable new mobile UI (preview version).

Please note, only Kintone Administrators can enable the new mobile UI feature.

Product Update
Feature Improvement
Changed the Title of Categories for Guest Spaces
Product Update
Product Update
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