With a constant whirlwind of new disruptive technologies impacting the enterprise environment, it's easy to get overwhelmed and focus on the ones your business should deploy for the greatest edge. 

Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx and the leading industry analyst and globally recognized expert on agile digital transformation, will speak at Kintone Connect in San Francisco on the technologies that will have the greatest impact on your department and business.

A regular contributor to Forbes, he has published over 750 articles and given talks at over 350 conferences, webinars and other events.  He writes and speaks on how today’s disruptive enterprise technology trends support the digital professional’s business transformation goals.

What will your presentation in the morning session be focused on?

My talk will make some sense of the impacts and differences between low code and no code platforms. Developers jobs are become streamlined as mundane, repetitious tasks are eliminated while new “citizens developers” are entering the picture and taking advantage of no code platforms.  The new challenge is the space where these two overlap.  

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You are also doing a workshop in the afternoon.  What can we expect to take away from this experience?

This will be a more interactive session than the morning talk.  We will dive into agile digital transformation and get into specifics about reorganizing from end-to-end to make the enterprise more dynamic and able to support ongoing change that is moving towards mobile applications and cloud-based services and away from legacy systems.  We will work together to assemble a digital transformation action plan that attendees can take back to their organizations.

Who should attend Kintone Connect and why?

Any organization that is rethinking application development, this workshop will empower anyone with one foot in technology and the other in business to help their organizations transform for the new digital reality. Regardless of role, digital transformation has changed the game.

About Intellyx: Intellyx is the first and only industry analysis, advisory, and training firm focused on agile digital transformation.  Intellyx works with enterprise digital professionals to cut through technology buzzwords and connect the dots between the customer and the technology – to provide the vision, the business case, and the architecture for agile digital transformation initiatives.

About Kintone Connect:  This one-day conference will gather change leaders from around the world to share digital workplace tools and best practices through inspirational talks and collaborative workshops.  Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to use digital tools to increase team collaboration, transform business processes, and enhance citizen developer skills in the workplace. You will be exposed to a diverse network of businesses to widen the scope and influence of your partnership ecosystem.

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