September Kintone product updates will take effect on September 11, 2020. 

Japanese Business Manager (Masato Soma) and Sales Consultant (Yukiko) from our parent company, Cybozu, review the September 2020 Product Updates.

New Features

Enable/Disable Duplicate Records 
You can choose to show or hide the 'Duplicate' record button on the record details page.
This allows you to prevent users from using the Duplicate Record feature. The new option is added to the Misc Settings in the App Settings.
Product Update
Shortcuts for Fast Access to Individual Settings for an App
The new 'v' button is added to the record list, graph, and the record details page for a shortcut to access App Settings.
Product Update
Product Update
Directly Access the Current View or Graph Settings
You can now directly access the settings from the Record list view that you are currently in. 
 Product Update
This is also available in the Graph and the Record details view.
Product Update
Visibility into Space Management
On the Space Management page, you can now see who has created and last updated each space. We have increased the number of spaces you can view to 500.
Product Update
Download Space List to CSV File
Administrators can download a list of Spaces (including Guest Spaces) to a CSV file. This is useful to report the number of Spaces being used and find Spaces that are no longer in use.
Product Update

Feature Improvements

Notifications Update
Notifications from apps will be marked as read by actions triggered through email notifications. Email notifications from Spaces, Messages, and People are already marked as read.
Product Update
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