Due to Microsoft ending their support for Internet Explorer, Kintone.com will also be ending support for operating their services on Internet Explorer 9.
Affected services
Services on Kintone.com
Web browsers that will not be supported
Internet Explorer 9
April 12th, 2017
Effects of the change
Services on Kintone.com may not run correctly on Internet Explorer 9 after ending its support. 
If you are currently using Internet Explorer 9 for the Kintone.com services, we recommend that you use an internet browser that Microsoft supports (Internet Explorer 11, Edge) or switch to other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Reason for the change
As we want users to use services on Kintone.com safely, we support our services on the latest browsers where the latest security policies and technologies will be applied by their developers.
If you have any inquiries on this subject, please contact us.
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