Ready to transform your business? Join Kintone at the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference in Las Vegas from October 30 - November 4.
The Kintone team will be there as a part of a global gathering of business professionals dedicated to leading business excellence via four synergistic conferences: business rules and decisioning, agile business analysis, business process management, and business architecture as well as related technologies and techniques.
The focus of the conference is much alike the focus of Kintone's goals for your business: 
  • Building more agile business solutions
  • Creating smarter business processes
  • Enabling fast, manageable change in business policies and practices
  • Moving IT architectures toward business rules and business process technologies, such as no-code/low-code business process management platforms like Kintone
  • Introducing break-through innovations in business performance

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Here are five events from Building Business Capabilities that gives insight to how your organization can deliver improved business performance:
1. Winning Techniques: Change Management in Fast-Paced Organizations 
Presented by: Amy Smith, Asha Sunil

Change management is often the elephant in the room that nobody wants to address till things go wrong. The aim of this presentation is to make change management more pragmatic for your team/organization without introducing delays or redundancy.

Attends will learn...

  • Change management Benefits and Efficiency Gains
  • Pragmatic Change Management Techniques
  • Addressing common roadblocks in change management


2. Designing the Adaptable Business: Leading Digital Transformation With Business Architecture

Presented by: Michael Rosen

Digital Transformation is all the rage. But unlike some overhyped buzzwords, it is real, it is happening now, and much faster than we think. As with other enterprise initiatives, it needs to be met with a combination of experimentation, innovation, thought, and yes, Architecture.

This session distills extensive research in digital transformation and strategic architecture into an action plan for business architects and what they need to do to make themselves and their architectures foundational to their company’s digital transformation.

Attendees will..

  • Learn what the forces of digital transformation are, and more importantly what they mean in terms of new architectural requirements
  • Explore a case study of business architecture in digital transformation
  • Understand the opportunities for business architecture in achieving success and avoiding pitfall


3. All About the Customer Experience: The Customer Journey, Digital Transformation, and You

Presented by: Jason Bloomberg

Digital marketers focus on the customer journey -- all the interactions a customer has with a company, from anonymous prospect to new customer to existing customer. As companies become software-driven organizations, these interactions increasingly become digital moments, as customers interact with companies via technology touchpoints.

Attendees will....

  • Understand the changing nature of the customer journey in the context of business requirements
  • Learn how to rethink customer-facing business processes in terms of digital moments
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the paradigm-shifting aspects of digital transformation


4. Spotlight on Leadership Skills: Communicate to Collaborate: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page
Presented by: Tony Lawrence, Eleanor Lawrence

Collaboration has to start and be constantly maintained with open and meaningful communication amongst all participants and stakeholders. This is critical to the success of all business transformation, software development & information technology projects, especially in fast-moving environments and with multi-disciplinary teams.

How can you optimize communication to increase the value of the collaboration and improve performance and project outcomes?

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide tools & techniques for effective communication
  • Recognize the pitfalls of jargon on both sides of a conversation
  • Determine the right communication medium, style & language to use with different stakeholder groups



5. Agile Analysis: Implementing Agile in Your Organization

Presented by: Craig Fox

Choosing an appropriate project management strategy is vital to your business's success. In this event, you have the opportunity to learn about basic agile/scrum concepts for Business Analysts. Craig will discuss the tools used to manage projects and engage in an open discussion on the implementation processes, including: what worked, what did not work and what surprises are encountered during the implementation. 

Attendees will learn...

  • Getting started with Agile
  • Growing pains
  • Sticking with It


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