The countdown to Kintone Connect continues! We are very excited to announce that we have officially launched workshop registration for Kintone Connect.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to choose two of our 12 awesome workshops.

Registration for workshops are first come, first serve, so it’s important to act quickly! All sessions have a specified capacity and once that is hit, the session will be closed. It’s also important to note that there will be NO day of session registrations.

If you have already registered for Kintone Connect, check your inbox for step-by-step instructions as well as the password to login.

Here is a preview of the sessions offered:

  • Driving Digital -- Key Practices to Lead a Smarter and Faster Transformation: Isaac Sacolick will show you how to deploy agile practices to enable a culture of innovation and drive transformation.
  • Why Managing Your Business Costs You Time and Money: This session by Chuck Blakeman will show you how to smash the hierarchy, rehumanize the workplace, stop managing, lead better, and implement the simple principles, practices and tools that drive growth, productivity, profitability, and exponentially higher staff retention.
  • Creating a Big Idea Toolkit -- 3 strategies, 5 techniques and one never fail trick for generating breakthrough ideas. Attendees will learn from Bryan Mattimore on how to use creative thinking techniques to solve some of your toughest business challenges.
  • Unlock Collaboration in your Team, Workgroup and Organization: Julian Lute of Great Place to Work will help you uncover what gets in the way, and what you can do to overcome those challenge by unlocking world-class collaboration on your teams.
  • Inclusive Leadership -- Cultural Transformation for Team Dynamics: Sumayyah Emeh-Edu is leading this practical and highly interactive workshop devoted to sharing tools to increase inclusiveness through space and interactions.
  • Kintone and Non-Profits -- Managing your Data in a Collaborative & Cost Effective Manner: Tim Edingfield will give you all the tools you need to start using Kintone for your nonprofit’s data needs. You will walk away with a better understanding of the capabilities of Kintone for your organization.
  • Kintone Connect-to-Play in the World: In this Japanese language session, we are inviting Kintone specialists from Japan to learn how quickly you can build your enterprise cloud system. Speakers will present demos of customization and API usage along with use cases for different business models, community building, and challenges to overcome.
  • The Changing Nature of Workplace Management - How, Who & What?  Our panel of speakers from Slack, Founders Space, Streak, Kintone and Usermind will discuss the changing nature of how work gets done, who is driving these changes and what trends, tools and services support this transformation.
  • US/JAPAN Hybrid Management & Strategy: The Key to Successful Localization: In this session, we invite Japanese business leaders from various fields to share their tasks, approaches, and “Kaizen” method executed in the U.S market.  Join this session to expand your knowledge and learn the method to a successful business development in the U.S.
  • Agile Digital Transformation: This workshop led by Jason Bloomberg will empower anyone with one foot in technology and the other in business to help their organizations transform for the new digital reality.
  • Creating a Digital Ecosystem with Zapier: Make your company more efficient by integrating Kintone and Zapier. Avoid redundancy and save hundreds of man-hours each month by automating processes and integrating your data.
  • Getting to Know Kintone: Kintonians Jana Berman and Nim Grinvald will give an overview of the Kintone platform and help you start creating apps in a snap, with process management, collaboration and reporting.


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