August Kintone product updates will take effect on August 7, 2020. 

Japanese Business Manager (Masato Soma) and Sales Consultant (Yukiko) from our parent company, Cybozu, review the August 2020 Product Updates.

New Features

Bulk Deleting Related Apps
Now you can delete multiple apps related with Lookup or Related Records. 
Product Update
Product Update
You can still restore bulk deleted apps with the restore function in Kintone Administration. 
New Date Filters
The following date filters are newly added for convenience: 
Yesterday, Tomorrow, Next week, Next month, Last year, Next year
On the Record List Settings and the Graph Settings: 
Product Update
New date filters are also available on App settings such as Per Record Notifications and Process Management. 
Example of setting conditions for Process Management: 
Product Update
Auto Apply Field Code Changes
Field code changes are automatically reflected in all formulas where the field code is used. 
Product Update

Feature Updates

Additional App Details for Export
The following items from the app list are also available for export in CSV format:
App URL, App Settings URL, Created by (Login Name), Settings: Updated by, Settings: Updated by (Login Name), Settings: Updated Datetime

This will provide more information to delete apps that are no longer in use.
Product Update
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