Travis Hill (2nd from the right) and Richard Su (3rd from the left) created a solution to more easily pre-screen residents for food stamp benefits.

Two members of the Kintone U.S. team took home the Grand Prize at the annual Alameda County AC Apps Challenge on February 27th. In a competition that challenged community members to "use technology to improve local government," Travis Hill and Richard Su created a solution to more easily prescreen residents for food stamp benefits. 

"I studied Social Entrepreneurship at New York University, but jumped into the tech world after school," said Hill, Kintone's Marketing Manager. "When I saw the AC Apps Challenge, I saw it as a great opportunity to bring the skills I've learned in Silicon Valley together with my first love of helping out our community."

The application suite centers on the idea of leveraging community based organizations and related nonprofits in the care management of those in need. In the case of applying for food stamps or nutritional benefits (in California, this program is called CalFresh) CBOs are able to act as a trusted point of contact.

How does it work?

The process starts with a simple pre-screening process, which just involves a fast and easy to complete web form. From there, inputted data goes into an automated workflow that lets CBO workers contact applicants and keep track of application statuses throughout the process. Additionally, the system delivers automated reminders and notifications so that no application falls through the cracks.

At the end of the process, because the app was built on top of Kintone, users of the app can take advantage of the platform's analytics and project management collaboration tools. From communications around particular case statuses to measuring impact with dynamic charts and graphs, Kintone transforms this simple app into a platform for any community based organization.

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