Our Kintone U.S. team spent a great week in Japan for our annual Cybozu.com cloud conference. More than 3,500 clients, partners, and developers of Kintone and other Cybozu cloud products crowded into Tokyo’s top conference venue, Hotel New Otani, to discuss and learn about Kintone product features, new developments, global client use cases, and the Japanese cloud market in general. (Look out for leading Kintone client use cases in subsequent posts…)


The conference became a playground for “beginners” and “veterans” to meet and compare notes about Kintone.com apps and teamwork examples, while partners explained their Kintone implementation services, and system integrators shared their experiences using Kintone to provide solutions to enterprises to meet previously unmet business needs.



Cybozu CEO and co-founder, Mr. Aono, in his keynote spoke of his longstanding desire to create products that innovate society and optimize teamwork globally.



He highlighted the growing importance of women and working mothers in the Japanese workforce and Cybozu’s efforts to support this transition with collaboration and productivity software designed to provide flexible, remote working styles.


Aono-san has put his money where his mouth on this topic: of Cybozu’s 500+ employees globally a full 40% are women, an incredible 10x more than the average for a Japanese technology company. A moving video about this topic was premiered at the conference and has gone viral in Japan.


Cybozu and Kintone were founded and built on the concept to make “teamwork” better, and every year Cybozu presents “The Best Team of the Year” awards. This year, the recipients were Project Fumbaro (an organization that supported reconstruction after the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami disaster of 2011), Whill (founders of the revolutionary 4WD electric wheelchair of the same name) and Yo-Kai Watch (creative team from Level 5 that developed and market kids’ entertainment characters and merchandise of the same name). Distinct in focus, these groups are all similar in that distinguished teamwork has enabled them to accomplish great things.


We liked these awards so much, we will be doing the same here in the U.S. in 2015. So, stay tuned for information on how to apply for or nominate organizations for Kintone U.S.’ “2015 Best Team of Year Award."


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