You've got a lot of moving pieces in your business and need a database application platform that makes it easy to manage all. As someone who depends on Kintone everyday for reporting, project updates and working with my team, I'm excited to share these new functionalities developed by our product team.


Welcome to Kintone Dialog for New Kintone Users 

Shorten the Kintone learning curve with our new Beginner's Guide built in to the Kintone dashboard. New users will be greeted with a pop up screen when they first log-in to the Kintone portal. Learn the basics from our step-by-step tutorial, pick out an app from the Marketplace, invite your team to collaborate on Kintone or create an app instantly by importing an Excel file.

With more resources and links to our blog, support and help guides, this new feature makes it easy to get the most of Kintone in a short amount of time. Access the Beginner's Guide anytime by clicking on the cap on the right side of the menu bar.



You can utilize the Webhook feature to connect to services outside of Kintone.

But first, what are Webhooks? In Kintone, each app has an option to set up Webhooks. The Kintone Webhook feature allows data of a record of an app to be sent to a particular endpoint in a certain format. This data can be sent at the following timings:

  • When a new record is added
  • When a record is saved after editing
  • When a status of your process management is updated


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Why set up a Webhook?

The Kintone Webhooks is a good way to send data to an endpoint without the use of coding. Setting up a Webhook will only involve stating an endpoint, and the timing you would like the data to be sent.

You would though, have to set something up on the endpoint side so that this data could be caught, and be used to your advantage. If you would like to do this without coding, you can use a cloud service like Zapier to catch the Kintone Webhook data, and connect it to other services.

Learn how to set-up a Webhook here.

New to Kintone? Watch a demo video or attend a webinar to see how easy and quick it is to start building custom business apps and workflows.

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